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Lucio Gallo
4-OHANA The Place where Nobody is Forgotten


Sometimes, it may happen that in our life a revolution is sparked off against our will, a sudden and merciless revolution we try to oppose with all our strength, until we have to bow to the inevitable and somehow try not to be overwhelmed with pain, as far as we can.

“4” deals with this kind of experience, an experience which affects thousands of people every day, but that sounds different, impossible and completely unfair when it knocks at our door... The book writer, Lucio Gallo, tells us about his experience: he is a father and a happily married husband, his life is serene and gratifying, a life like many others which he wouldn’t ever want to change until, one cursed day, Sonia, his wife, is diagnosed with an incurable disease. The world they built together day after day with love, perseverance and difficulty falls to pieces and everything seems meaningless.

Lucio Gallo tells us his personal path, pervaded with pain but full of dignity, strength and great awareness; a path that has helped him to discover and cross the foundation of our existence and to get through his personal hell. An existence based on “the 4 columns to live well”, which, as he says, “are 4 just like those that characterize anything where an object lays securely so as not to fall, they are 4 like the Seasons, 4 like the Cardinal Points, they are 4….. “

This book doesn’t mean to teach others how to face their personal hell, but through it the author simply wishes to share his difficult journey lived with deep intensity and underline how everyone can learn to reconsider everything from a different point of view and give a new sense to life just going along a different path.

This is a book which will fill you with a lot of emotions, it will move you but at the same time it will comfort you giving you hope. It will show you a path along which you’ll be able to make peace with the Universe by regaining possession of the certainty that in the Ohana, that is the family intended as the place of all those whom we love deeply and sincerely, “ noboby is forgotten” and, therefore, nobody dies.
(Translated by Elena Magugliani - Interpreter and Translator)